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Assorted Zoa/Paly Frag Pack

$139.99 $59.99

Product Information


Our frag packs contain EXACTLY the same selection of stunning corals from our website. 

You get the same size corals also.  No micro-frags. Feel free to order additional corals you must have!

Five Assorted Zoa/Paly Coral Frags for $59.99 With Five Polyps Each!

Limited Quantities: Only 10 Frag Packs Available!


Keds Red

$24.99 Value for $10.00


Wow!  Bright!  Keds red for a reason! Frag Size is 5 Polyps.


Fire and Ice

$19.99 Value for $4.99


A zoanthid that looks amazing and a must have.  Fast growers in appropriate aquarium conditions. Frag Size is 5 Polyps.


Radioactive Dragon's Eyes

$24.99 Value for $10.00


Radioactive for a reason...GLOWS greeeen! Frag Size is 5 Polyps.


Agent Orange

$29.99 Value for $15.00


Agent orange zoas are simply a stunning combination of orange disk and blue center.  Don't miss this one. Frag Size is 5 Polyps.


SBC Space Magic Palys

$39.99 Value for $20.00


Want POP!  From our SBC aquaculture skirt with space blue center sprinkled with magic.  A classy looking zoa! Frag Size is 5 Polyps.


This Frag Pack includes 5 frags of different captive grown Zoanthid/Palythoa corals.

This is a great deal as you will get 100% aquacultured corals on frag plugs at a low cost per frag. 

Product Code: ZOAVQ0VX52

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