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Tyree Bloody Mary Montipora cebuensis


Product Information


Color:Solid Pink with Red Polyps
Frag Size: 3/4"-1"
Growth Form:Plating
Aggression: Peaceful
Skill Level: Intermediate


From Reeffarmers:

Another absolutely amazing stony coral found by Mingwei of Atlantis Aquarium. The Bloody Mary Montipora cebuensis coral is a plating coral that has large verrucae or bumps on its surface. That is a rather unique combination (see above image). This coral can be basically described as a plating verrucosa-like coral. In addition to its unique morphology, the Bloody Mary has a solid pink/red coloration. Polyps are also pigmented dark red.
Reeffarmers acquired our seed from Mingwei in April of 2008. We have been exposing our seed to moderate to strong light and there also appears to be a bluish pigment that can develop in various locations on the coral (see image below). Mingwei acquired the parent colony in the spring of 2007. He believes the coral came out of Indonesia and he recommends moderate to strong light and moderate current.
Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of the Bloody Mary Montipora cebuensis for in an 80 gallon naturally filtered Bi-Zonal Reef Aquarium. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate to strong light under a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. The coral appears to require moderate to strong illumination to maintain its coloration.


Requires stable parameters.  Calcium 400-450.  dKh 8-12.


Product Code: SBC1079

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