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Rose Bubble Tip Anemone


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Product Information

These captive bred anemones are the solid rose colored throughout. They add a rich vibrant red/orange color with moving tentacles.
Anemones are also natural hosts and homes for clownfish. Clownfish are called anemone fish as they seek the protection in the tentacles of anemone and symbiotically may also feed the anemone by dropping food into the tentacles.
Size is about 2-3 inches.  
Do you need to feed anemones?
Anemones are animals.  They can survive for a long while without direct feeding.  However, they absolutely do eat!  Please feed them once a week with a small piece of seafood (small pieces of uncooked fish/shrimp/etc. about a 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch to start with on small-medium anemones).  If the anemone is not used to feeding, it will have a slow response to the food.  Do not use your fingers, but instead hold food with a pair of forceps or tweezers and gently jiggle the food in the anemone around the center where it's mouth is.  The anemone should close up around the food.  Remove the forceps or tweezers to allow the anemone to use it's tentacles to hold the food to it's moutn thand swallow the food.  If this doesn't happen, try again.  Take care to not use abrupt moves which could damage an anemone, but deliberate moves to get the anemones "attention".  After feeding the anemone over time, the anemone should start reponding far more quickly to food being placed on it by actively curling it's tentacles around the food and bringing the food to it's mouth.
If you have clownfish, you may need to put a net or keep them away from the anemone as it may take some time to get a good grip on the food and eat it, especially in the beginning.
Healthy anemone tentacles should be active, reactive and sticky!

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