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Nudibranch Berghia - Aiptasia Eaters

Nudibranch Berghia - Aiptasia Eaters
Nudibranch Berghia
Natures perfect response to Aiptasia.  Nudibranch Berghia only consume and are natural predators of Aiptasia Anemones.  They reproduce and can eradicate the Aiptasia from your tank.  This is ALL Berghia eat.
Larger 1/2 Berghia are better for high flow SPS tanks while smaller 1/4 inch Berghia are fine for lower flow tanks.  We ship Berghia which are about 1-2 months old, depending on the size as we fatten them up on aiptasia.
We recommend about at least 2 pairs of Berghia with one per 10 gallons being a good number for an Aiptasia infestation.  Berghia are group hunters and "gang" up on Aiptasia that are large while are small and nimble enough to get into crevices to consume smaller Aiptasia.  Multiple Berghia will also reproduce, which is a key part of your Aiptasia eradication strategy (you must have more than one for them to successfully have off-spring).  One Berghia can produce a couple of hundred eggs every other day.  After natural predators and other deaths, Berghia population will continue to increase by consuming Aiptasia in your system.
Some thoughts when you add Berghia to your tank.
- Berghia last for quite a while in tanks to about 5-8 months.
- Release with powerheads off by rockwork and switch off lights to minimize fish thinking you are putting in food.  Do not release directly on Aiptasia.  Place them nearby.  They will find the Aiptasia.
- While you can sometimes see Berghia during the lights on cycle, they are nocturnal predators.  
- Keeping a separate tank for your Berghia requires maintaining it like your display tank. Temperature about 78F.  Air bubbler without the stone (low bubble count).  Water quality like display.  Keep tank clean.  
- If you have another aiptasia predator, they might be a predator to a Berghia, including peppermint shrimp and fish like butterfly fish.  Not recommended.  A note on the beautiful copperband butterfly fish.  They are very difficult to keep  alive when put into tanks.  Please serioiusly read up on these fish before you put them in your tank.  You will notice that copperbands pick at many things, including corals, clams, inverts and will most likely erradicate your tank of featherdusters and worms.
- Nocturnal carnivores like arrow crabs, sally lightfoot crabs, larger wrasses (corris, etc) also eat may eat Berghia, especially in smaller tanks.  The fish really don't eat the Berghia since they taste like aiptaswia, but by taking tasting bites they can injure the Berghia.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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