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Natural Reef Habitats

Natural Reef Habitats

FINALLY! Beautiful reef rockscape creations that protect your creatures and allow them to thrive!


We all have a problem when we excitedly bring our new animals to our aquarium. Where to put our new creatures so that they look great, stays where you put them, remain safe and are optimally situated to grow?  We normally glue them onto rocks, find holes or hope for the best.  Or we put them onto unsightly egg crate.  


Over time, our beauties fall over, drop behind rock or the underwater jewels that we could see thriving in our minds eye get stressed and die. Do you put them on unsightly egg crate?  Has your vision of this beautiful underwater habitat becomes a collection of small stick and plastic?


NO MORE!  The Natural Reef Habitats Solution!


Natural Reef Habitats creations are not only seamless landscape additions to your tank, but they allow your creatures to thrive!


Our Natural Reef Habitats products are a prefect solution for beauty and functionality.  These fully cured aragonite based reef creations to hold your frags and customize your reef design.  


You can put a variety of frag plugs in our rocks (use a dab of glue) and put these on the sand or in your rockwork.   In about 3 weeks they will blend in.  No more trying to make holes in your live rock.  


Move on with our perfect solution!  Come with frag plugs already (yes...10 mount with 10 frag plugs)


Each mount is hand made and vary in shape and two are the same.  Single mounts, donuts, and clam holders are about the same shape.  5 and 10 mounts vary in shape!

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