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Anemone Cradle and Hidey-Hole by Natural Reef Habitats

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Product Information

Brilliant!  Use our Anemone Cradle for anemones OR as a hidey-hole for you fish, shrimp and other critters!

Read on!

Nothing more frustrating than wandering anemones.  Like us, you have probably wished you could just put your anemone where you want it?  That perfect spot...right there!  

But nooo.  Our tentacled friends just want to find their own place.

The back of the tank.  The underside of a rock. Right over your prized corals.  Can't they just stay put???  I think we've all been there.

Finally.  Anemone Cradles.  The deep depressions allows an anemone to attach in it's favorite kind of spot, a hole.  Then you can move the Anemone Cradles where you want it - keeping in mind that placement should be away from high flow or darkness.  Natural Reef Rock Anemone Cradles are aragonite (crushed coral) based just like all our Natural Reef Rock.  Also, while most hobbyist don't need to make any changes, you can customize your Anemone Cradle by carefully using pliers to break off what you don't need (if you want a bigger opening for the anemone).

Anemone Cradles can save you a lot of time, worry and stung corals and missing anemones.  It's a solid investment for your livestock.

Feeding.  Have you tried to feed anemones. With the cradle, it makes it much easier to feed smaller anemones so they grow!  The cradles cuddle your anemones and allows food to stay on the anemone while the anemone moves food into it's mouth.


We have 4 sizes for multiple sizes of anemones.  Anemones are easy to move from one size to another as they grow out of the Anemone Cradle.

- Very small - about 1 1/4" - 1 3/4" for those small baby anemones with small foot size and head between 1" to 2"

- Small - about 2" with a 3/4"-1" hole for juvenille anemones with small foot size and head between 1" - 3"

- Medium - about 2 1/2" - 3 1/2" with about a 1" hole for adult anemones with 1"+ foot size and head about 2" - 5"

- Large - about 3' - 4' with about a 1"-1 1/2" hole for adult anemones with 1 1/2+ foot size and head 4" - 8"

Check out our other Natural Reef Rock products.  Helping hands that keep your tank looking like a reef tank.

Fishnreef Natural Reef Rocks immediately blend into your sandbed and will very quickly blend in with your live rock.  All Fishnreef Natural Reef Rocks are indiviually created and vary in shape and size.  Sizes are approximate.

All Fishnreef Natural Reef Rocks are primarily made of aragonite (crushed coral) with bonding material that is FULLY cured in daily changed water and washed before shipping.



Product Code: NATOAY2C90

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Anemone Cradle

I purchased a large cradle and after a few days of coaxing I convinced my small hadoni into it. I love it. You've opened a whole world of potential clams and anemones to my sps tank.

David :: Mar 30 2018, 10:51 am

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