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Assorted LPS Cyphastrea Frag Pack 3 Corals

$109.99 $49.99

Product Information


Our frag packs contain EXACTLY the same selection of stunning corals from our website. 

You get the same size corals also.  No micro-frags. Feel free to order additional corals you must have!

Tyree Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

$39.99 Value for $20.00


A stunning cyphastrea, the Tyree Meteor Shower Cyphastrea is a prized and must have coral. 


Tyree Blood Red Eyes Cyphastrea

$29.99 Value for $9.99


The Tyree Blood Red Cyphastrea is a brilliant bright red color. This is an encrusting coral and tends to best under moderate lighting and flow.


Tyree Occelina Cyphastrea

$39.99 Value for $20.00


Another stunning Tyree coral, the Tyree Occelina Cyphastrea is a easy to care for and a stand out in any tank.


This Frag Pack includes 3 frags of different captive grown cyphastrea corals. This is a great deal as you will get 100% aquacultured corals at a low cost per frag. Due to the size of this frag pack there is a limited quantity available. 

All of these corals are 100% Aquacultured.  The frags are on frag plugs. Shipping is via Fedex Overnight.  Live arrival is guaranteed.  We do Tuesday through Thursday shipments for next day delivery.  Package must be received when delivered for live arrival guarantee and we must be notified of any issues within 24 hours of delivery. We have a 14 day live arrival warranty.



Product Code: HIG5HN8V32

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