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Aquarium Service - Commercial/Private

Aquarium Service - Commercial/Private

FishnReef Complete Aquarium Service - We Take Care Of It All


For A Limited Time, We Are Offering 50% Off First Month Cost To Setup and Install.  


Call us on 202-656-3474 to begin enjoying your dream now.


Comprehensive aquarium service and installation provides aquariums from small to 1000+ gallon systems.  All the necessary equipment, livestock and animal care.  Aquarium types are listed below.


Own and enjoy a stunning aquarium of your liking without any of the hassle.  We can guide you through your choices of sizes, types, livestock and different levels of aquariums.


Call our experts for hassle free installs at 202-656-3474.  We Service The Washington DC/VA/MD Metro Area.  




Aquariums provide amazing benefits to people.  They have been proven to promote relaxation and peacefulness while reducing stress, blood pressure and anxiety.  These benefits can now be yours without advanced technical skills or a marine biology degree.


People can benefit from aquariums in locations such as these:

Doctors Hotel Lobbies  Trading Rooms      Government Installations
Lawyers Restaurants High Stress Locations  Embassies
Receptions Private Offices  Education Institution  Universities
Family Rooms Rec Rooms Bars Bedrooms
And More!      


Installations, Service & Maintenance


Our comprehensive aquarium service and installation provides aquariums from small to 1000+ gallon systems with all the necessary equipment, livestock and animal care for you to own and enjoy a stunning aquarium of your liking without any of the hassle. The only requirement on your part is to simply enjoy a beautiful self-contained aquatic ecosystem in your business or home and let us take care of the rest.


As experienced and passionate professionals in marine biology, aquaculture and public aquaria, we understand the intricate needs and care for the inhabitants of your aquarium ecosystem. Not only to create and maintain a beautiful thriving marine or freshwater aquarium, but one that is also sustainable and ethically responsible to you, the inhabitants and the environment.


Our service includes:


  • Feeding, Cleaning & Water Changes
  • Livestock/Equipment inspection
  • Water testing and water chemistry adjustment
  • Livestock additions & trimming of plants and corals
  • Remote monitoring and emergency notifications on ALL our client aquariums leaving the worry to us and not to you.
  • 24/7 On-call emergency response for all tank emergencies (*surcharge may apply*)


Delivery and installation of all equipment, supplies & livestock when purchased from Fishnreef:


  • Custom cabinetry, stands and aquariums are built by master carpenters to any specification
  • Pumps, heaters/chillers & filtration
  • Consumable supplies such a food, salt, filter replacements and chemicals.


Priority pick of all livestock and equipment from Fishnreef


  • Exclusive access to all of our captive grown coral frags, fish and invertebrates
  • Rare and one of a kind corals captive grown in-house.
  • Our livestock is vetted and properly quarantined, ensuring you only receive the healthiest and hardiest inhabitants
  • 100% livestock replacement guarantee (Only from our livestock)


Service depending on the needs, on the aquarium and the client.  It is normally bi-weekly and billed on a monthly basis. For new installations, we will work with you to select and provide the most appropriate equipment, choose livestock, and complete installation, unless discussed otherwise. For existing aquariums, we provide an assessment of equipment and bring out the beauty that you have been looking for.  Our base rate starts at $350 for aquarium service would . Distance, access and available service visit windows outside of normal working hours may affect rates. Some aquariums and certain livestock may require more than the usual bi-weekly care.


Call us or email us to schedule a consultation!  202-656-3474 (FISH)


Aquarium Themes and Variations


We like to consider our aquariums are underwater gardens rather than simple boxes with fish in them. Each aquarium complementing and enhancing the space it is in. Whatever it is that catches your eye, be it the fascinating relationship between clownfish and anemones, the myriad of colors and species of corals or the simple antics of tiny hermit crabs scurrying on the rocks scape we will work as hard as we can to make your vision a reality and help you make the choices as seamlessly as possible.

These are a few (But not all) variations of aquariums that will fit into any home, office, restaurant or hotel.

Fish only with Coral Rocks

This is our most popular option for anyone who desires marine fish and invertebrates with a natural backdrop as one would expect to see in the ocean . Fish only with coral rock aquariums consist of dead yet sustainably harvested coral skeletons and branches arranged in an aesthetic manner consistent with that of a real life coral reef. Fish only with coral rock aquariums are also the easiest to convert to a fully-fledged reef aquarium with live coral.

Fish Only with Artificial Decorations

This a great option for larger aquariums or those who prefer artificial decorations as opposed to coral rocks and live coral. Decorations and inserts can be artfully handcrafted and designed to mimic a real coral reef without the associated cost of a live coral reef aquarium.

Reef Aquarium with Live Coral

The Reef Aquarium is the most dazzling and impressive. Reef aquariums combine live coral, fish, anemones and a myriad of other living creatures into single self-contained ecosystem. This aquatic garden is only fascinating and beautiful but will grow and expand into its own unique form as time goes on meaning no single reef aquarium is ever the same. This is the most popular option for those who want simply the best and the brightest an aquarium can offer.

Fresh Water Planted Aquarium

Fresh Water Planted aquariums put the meaning of underwater garden to practice and consist of live underwater plants, dead wood and tropical fish such as tetras and rainbow fish. Planted aquariums are great for those who enjoy the setting of freshwater streams or prefer the look and types of freshwater fish.

Koi Ponds & Other Water Features

Koi ponds can provide a serene outdoor or indoor experience and go far beyond the scope of a “pond with fish in them”. Anything be it a fountain or a pool that has fish in we can help you along the way.


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